The demand for professional knowledge of milk processing has recently increased in consortium countries. Increasing demand for training is mainly expressed by farmers and their (family) members who are interested in on-farm dairy processing on a smaller scale. This is mostly due to the high drop in milk prices in recent decades to a point where farmers are not able to cover production costs. The only way to keep their farm alive is by adding value by processing the milk into dairy products.


With MILK-ed project, we aim at developing a training programme that is going to equip farmers with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for the establishment of an on-farm dairy processing multifunctional activity. To ensure the sustainability of small farms, the backbone of all rural areas, we need to provide farmers with knowledge and skills to diversify their farms to ensure they are not dependent on only one source of income.


To offer LEARNERS free access to the dairy processing course, which corresponds to their training needs and can be recognized as part of formal or non-formal (NVQ) education
To enable EXPERTS (teachers and trainers) in the field of dairy production exchange of knowledge and skills
To promote RURAL DEVELOPMENT and the existence of dairy farms, by encouraging farmers to participate in multifunctional activities on farms related to dairy processing